Where does our clinic data come from?

The data about each medical clinic, required to create its GCR™ Score, is taken on 4 levels:

1. Publicly available open source data

 - the data about the clinic is often sourced from the internet, from government sources, local health authorities, journals & reports

2. Patients themselves

- we use information from patients who have used the services of a clinic to verify, collect and update the information about any particular clinic. If there is enough correlation among patients' feedback / reports, the data may be updated accordingly

3. The clinic team

- all clinics, once having verified their profile, can add, update & view the specific data available behind the GCR™ Score

4. Visits by GCR™ Clinic Experts

- the GCR™ Assessors visit medical clinics around the world to ensure that the data provided is a correct representation of the level of standard expected in the clinic. All GCR™ Internationally Accredited clinics have been personally verified by a representative of the GCR.org