How to: add / edit clinic photographs

You can upload and edit the order of your clinic's photographs by signing-in to the GCR™ Clinic Center

Then go to:

  • Edit Clinic Information >>> Contact Info >>> Add & edit photos
  1. Upload from computer - click on this button to manually add photo(s) from the device that you're currently using
  2. Upload from URL - paste an URL of where the photo you would like to upload is located and click on this button
  3. Drop files here - manually drag & drop picture file(s) from the device that you're currently using (preferably a computer)
  4. After your photos have been uploaded, you can move the pictures using your mouse to change the order in which they will be displayed in your GCR™ Clinic Profile. The first picture in the order will be displayed as your title photo (the largest one)
    (NOTE: this feature works only on computer version of