How can I submit a review of a clinic?

As a patient who has recently finished a particular type of treatment in a clinic, or has had any kind of experience dealing with a clinic, you are advised to review your experiences with any medical clinic in the world directly on!

Here is how to proceed:

1.    How can I review a clinic?

  • in the Feedback section of each medical clinic’s GCR™ Profile, there is "WRITE A REVIEW" button. After clicking on this, you will easily understand what to do next

  • alternatively, feel free to contact us regarding the clinic that you would like to submit a review for. We'll be definitely able to help you

2.    What if there is a medical clinic missing that I’d like to review?

  • if we’re missing a clinic you’d like to review, please refer to our article on adding a missing medical clinic. If the medical clinic meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the site for you to review and notify you by email

3.    What should a medical clinic review include?

  • medical clinic reviews should contain reviews of a single clinic that you experience (not of other clinics that are in the same chain or group of clinics)
  • medical clinic reviews should contain experiences only within the last 12 months
  • a medical clinic review should be submitted only for the clinic that you have actually visited (not any healthcare agent or liaison company). For example, if your medical clinic was "ABC Dental", but you came to the clinic through their agent "Best Clinics Provider" then you write your review for ABC Dental.
  • a medical clinic review should include helpful information for other patients in order to help them understand the level and quality of treatment experienced and ultimately make an informed medical decision

4.    What should a medical clinic review NOT include?

  • medical clinic reviews should NOT contain content on medical agencies, including medical tourism agencies, since medical clinic reviews are about 
  • medical clinic reviews should NOT contain commentary about medical package components such as ground transport or hotel, unless provided directly by the clinics
  • medical clinic reviews should NOT feature questions about or to clinics – these are best kept within the forums for our community to discuss
  • medical clinic reviews must NOT contain inappropriate language and must be patient-friendly. To learn more about restrictions on submitting clinic reviews, read this article