How we rate doctors looks for the best possible estimate of clinical expertise available in any particular clinic of the world. In summary, we evaluate the clinic's overall experience in the field of medicine that the clinic performs, including each doctor's professional experience and patient feedback highlighting any positive or negative results of the treatment. For medical fields such as fertility & cardiology and others where exact success rate data is available in many countries of the world, we measure the actual results of the treatment success metrics.

GCR™ Expertise

We also look for the clinics' confidence into the treatment quality available as highlighted by longer guarantee commitments if available, as well as any awards, accreditation, or certification that the clinic has been a part of.

For all doctors available in the clinic, we look at the aggregate doctor team and estimate their expertise along the lines of years of experience, certifications & awards, degrees & specialization and other key criteria. We look at the weighted ratio of doctors, as the patient may have a chance to interact with multiple doctors and not always treated by the most skilled doctor available. Doctor expertise is, of course, only one of the key drivers of clinic's GCR™ Expertise score.