My clinic does not have a GCR™ Score

In case you have signed-in, filled in and submitted all required data in your GCR™ Clinic Profile, and after 24 hours (which is theoretically the longest time period until your clinic's GCR™ Score is generated) you still wonder why your clinic's GCR™ Score has not been generated yet, there are two possible reasons why:

  1. for a clinic to get a GCR™ Score, you need to add at least 5 independent, patient-rated reviews (from at least one online source such as for example Facebook, Google or Yelp) and have the expertise, facilities and services information completed as well. Once all sections are complete, you should see your clinic getting a GCR™ Score within one day
  2. even after having entered all the data, if your clinic's GCR™ Score happens to be below the value of 1.50 - your clinic will display as "Unrated"