Deleting a GCR™ Clinic Profile

We understand that some clinics might want their GCR™ Clinic Profile to be removed from for a variety of reasons. However, we can only remove a GCR™ Clinic Profile if the clinic has closed permanently, due to our mission of being a comprehensive data source for patients on clinics in your area & worldwide and we are careful to ensure that our site displays as much accurate information about the clinics as possible.

What is the GCR™ Policy on closed clinics?

If a patient or a member of our team determines that a specific location of a clinic has permanently closed, moved to another location or has made a change to its core medical field, the GCR™ Profile will be closed.

If the clinic has moved to another location, it can be listed at the new location. In order to be a comprehensive source of clinic data for our users, we will keep the closed location listed on the site and mark it as closed. All reviews for the closed location will remain attached to the closed location.

Patients may receive recommendations about clinics in their chosen destination. Our feature showing a clinic as closed allows patients to make a comparison with other similar clinics that are still open.

If your clinic has NOT closed permanently, is a great opportunity for your clinic.

With just a little effort, you can turn your GCR™ Profile into a powerful tool for patients & clinic owners in the world's largest comparison of clinics.

To improve your GCR™ Score, follow these tips that other clinics have used to attract more patients and collect more reviews:

  • use constructive feedback in reviews to make improvements and boost your patients' satisfaction 
  • ask your patients to write a review 
  • respond to reviews using our GCR™ Review box 
  • become a GCR™ Internationally Accredited clinic and upload photos and videos – they help you stand out! 
  • check out your GCR™ Benchmark to see how other clinics have a better / worse GCR™ Score 
  • read our clinic case studies & watch our videos to see how clinics have used to improve the apparent level of quality in the clinic.

If your clinic has closed permanently:

  • let us know through the contact form on our website
  • give the date of closure and any necessary comments, and confirm the closure
  • once a patient has verified the information, we will remove your listing

If you would like us to personally verify your clinic and receive all the benefits of being a GCR™ Internationally Accredited clinic, please let us know.