What does a patient-friendly review mean?

All content on GCR.org should be patient-friendly. Here are some tips:

1. no objectionable language or images, including but not limited to:

  • profanity
  • obscenity or vulgarity
  • racial/ethnic slurs
  • hate speech or prejudiced comments
  • personal insults
  • hostile comments and threatening language

2. we do not permit graphic descriptions of death, injury, violent criminal activity or animal cruelty. First-hand reports of deaths and criminal activity by clinics should be reported not to GCR.org, but to the responsible local health authority

3. all the standard curse words are banned (you know what they are), and we will remove reviews that contain clever (or not clever) misspellings of curse words intended to circumvent our content filters as well as acronyms for inappropriate phrases

4. we will remove reviews and posts that promote or seek advice on engaging in illegal activities

5. if a tragic event occurs directly in a medical facility listed on GCR.org (for instance, unexpected death, virus outbreak), we will permit patient-friendly, medical-related forum discussions about the clinic