How can I represent in my country?

1. Become a GCR™ Clinic Ambassador

Whether you’re an independent medical practitioner, treatment facilitator or part of a larger medical company, becoming a GCR™ Clinic Ambassador can be a great value-add to your offerings.

See our article which lists the benefits of becoming a GCR™ Clinic Ambassador

To be a GCR™ Clinic Ambassador, you must:

  • have an established GCR™ Internationally Accredited medical practice or be working on a professional basis with medical clinics (as patient facilitator or services & supplies provider for example)
  • have successfully completed the GCR™ Clinic Ambassador training program
  • agree to adhere to the GCR™ Clinic Ambassador Code of Conduct
  • be proficient in English (written and spoken)

2. Become a GCR™ Patient Ambassador:

Do you want to share GCR's data, knowledge and best practices with the patients in your community? The GCR™ Patient Ambassador program gives people like you the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to effectively share the benefits of with patients in your community who matter to you most - online or offline.

To be a GCR™ Patient Ambassador, you must:

  • have 1st hand experience with a major medical issue
  • be an enthusiastic supporter & user and be willing to tell others about it
  • successfully complete the GCR™ Patient Ambassador training program
  • be proficient in written English (written and spoken)