Benefits of becoming a GCR™ Clinic Ambassador

Upon successful completion of the GCR™ Clinic Ambassador program, you’ll receive:

  •  GCR™ Clinic Ambassador badge for use in your own marketing materials
  • a GCR™ Demo clinic account for using in clinic demonstrations and presentations
  • a listing on the GCR™ Clinic Ambassador page on
  • tools like pre-built questionnaires, guides, and example notes to help you present with your prospects and clients
  • updates on key updates
  • access to the private GCR™ Clinic Ambassador online group
  • priority access to help and support
Please DO NOT create any online or offline forums or groups for yourself or for the GCR™ Clinic Ambassador program in general. Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll receive an invitation to the private GCR™ Clinic Ambassador online group to network with your fellow clinic ambassadors from around the world. 
Clinic Leads and incentives
If you pass as a GCR™ Clinic Ambassador, you will receive a listing on the "Find an GCR™ Clinic Ambassador" page on to let potential clinics find you, and for you to send this listing to current clinics that you work with to help them verify your association with the You’ll also receive a special link to give to clinics and patients who are interested in signing up for the GCR™ International Accreditation. 
The GCR™ Clinic Ambassador program is designed to give you information and resources for you to be a GCR™ resource for medical clinics and patients to help them make the right choices when choosing a clinic. You may also receive some leads from clinics who find you through the "Find a GCR™ Clinic Ambassador" page, but there is no guarantee as to how many leads you may or may not receive. 
When you let us know of a clinic that you work with - which would like to become GCR™ Internationally Accredited (that is, a clinic who hasn’t been GCR™ Internationally Accredited yet), you’ll receive a commission of 15% of what the clinic pays the for the first two years of their accreditation. You’ll receive your payment quarterly in April, July, October, and January.
It's expected that as a natural outcome of your work with clinics, you'll be signing-up at least 10 new paying medical clinics over the course of a year. If you don't, we may review whether the GCR™ Clinic Ambassador program is the right fit for you, and may invite you to explore other options within the community.