Can I delete my review from

It depends.

We are neither able nor have the rights to edit or delete any reviews that have been loaded from 3rd party review sources, such as Facebook, Google, Yelp,... as we are not legal owners of these reviews and we're only allowed to display them along with our own GCR™ Reviews.

However, you are highly advised to submit a new review on every clinic's GCR™ Clinic Profile using our GCR™ Review Box:

Patient reviews that have been submitted using this GCR™ Review Box can be deleted if all following conditions are met:

  • the review's owner asks us for their review to be deleted using our contact form
  • a clinic of which GCR™ Clinic Profile the review had been submitted on, agrees with that particular review to be deleted

NOTE: this works vice-versa. If a clinic asks us for a GCR™ Review to be deleted, the review's owner will be contacted

When the clinic identifies the review which is fake, manipulates a clinic’s rating, same content published multiple times, and the same content from multiple accounts, the clinic owner is requested to contact GCR support at to request official review removal from The clinic is requested to provide as many evidence of the rules violation/s as possible. It should consist of:

1. Photo / video material which proves the content is fake / irrelevant

2. Proof that the review was left by the customer which has never used the services at the clinic

3. Other relevant materials

GCR team will take immediate actions on reviewing the request and investigating the case. It might take from one day up to 30 days to get back to the clinic with the decision depending on the case complexity.