What do I get as a part of the GCR™ International Accreditation?

Along with the ability to prove potential patients and peer clinics that your clinic is above the international medical standards, you'll additionally receive following benefits:
  • on GCR.org as well as on our partner websites, you will appear as an accredited clinic. You'll receive a "GCR™ Internationally Accredited" badge for your own website & promotional materials. For verification, you should put the badge onto your website and link it with your GCR™ Clinic Profile address
  • your clinic's GCR™ Benchmarking will be enabled. It gives you an insight on how your clinic ranks against other clinics within GCR.org, and should offer some ideas on how to increase or adjust your clinic's services, technology, expertise, pricing,...
  • you'll be highly advised to put the GCR™ Score badge and the GCR™ Review box onto your website. This will increase the patients' trust in your clinic as well as the amount of reviews that they will leave after having finished their treatment
  • a full A3-sized certificate will be sent to your clinic along with other offline promotion material. Once you have a member(s) of your staff photographed with this certificate, we can include the photo in our social media promotion for your clinic
  • we'll be further promoting your clinic via social media & GCR™ Blog in the next few weeks and your clinic will be featured in next year's "Top 10 clinics guide" for your country
  • you'll be able to see and collect all your clinic reviews in one place
  • you'll have enabled a direct link to your clinic's website from your GCR™ Clinic Profile and patients will be allowed to directly contact your clinic from your profile page as well
  • 24/7 email access to our team of medical clinic experts to ask any question you'd like concerning medical clinics around the world and their problems / solutions
And on an ongoing basis:

  • all your clinic's reviews will be automatically updated each week
  • we'll be promoting your clinic via our online & offline campaigns on a regular basis
  • you'll receive discounts to GCR™ Events & Seminars
  • 24/7 technical support from our team

Many more benefits are being continuously added as GCR.org keeps on growing and improving!