How to add a missing clinic

If a clinic is missing, tell us about it! You can request a clinic profile in a couple different ways.

If you're a potential, current or former patient, you can tell us about a clinic using this form. Once we've added the clinic, we'll contact you so that you'll be able to leave a review of the clinic. If you want to request a clinic to be added without writing a review, please let us know in the form.

If you're a clinic owner, manager or receptionist, sign-up your clinic using this form. Once you've submitted the general information and successfully verified your user account, we will get back in touch with you within upcoming 24 hours.

Please note:

  • A clinic must be included in the GCR™ Index before we can display patient reviews for the clinic
  • The official name of the clinic linked to the physical address of the clinic must be used.
  • It usually takes a few days for clinics to be added and given a GCR™ Score.

Once the GCR™ Score for the clinic has been generated, we'll get you know. If we can't add the requested clinic, we'll let you know too.