How do I put the GCR™ Score Badge on my website?

GCR™ Score Badge

The GCR™ Score Badge is a small widget which you can place on your website - usually in the header, sidebar or footer - and it always shows your clinic's actual GCR™ Score and Global Rank. When patients click on it, it redirects them to your clinic's GCR™ Clinic Profile so that they can see all the details about your clinic Expertise, Facilities, Services and Feedback at one place. GCR™ Score Badge is now available free of charge for all clinics that have profile on

How to add the GCR™ Score Badge to your website?

1. sign-in to GCR™ Clinic Center and click on "Manage Reputation" in the left column in the clinic center.

On the first tab, you'll see the GCR™ Score Badge, which you can place on your website completely free of charge.

2. copy the code of the badge. Make sure you have copied the whole code and there are no characters missing.

3. insert the code into your website's HTML code to the place where you want to display entire GCR™ Score Badge.

If you don't know how to do this, contact your web administrator or contact us and we will help you.

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