How do I put the GCR™ Review Box on my website?

GCR™ Review Box

GCR™ Review Box is a powerful tool for  displaying all your clinic reviews (including those from 3rd party sources such as Facebook, Yelp and Google), as well as for collecting new patient reviews quickly and efficiently. 

GCR™ Review Box is currently available only for clinics which have signed-up for  GCR™ PLUS or PREMIUM package or have been GCR™ Internationally Accredited.

How to add this to your website?

  1. sign-in into GCR Clinic Centre and click on 'Collect Reviews' in the left column
  2. click on 'Website review widget' in the horizontal panel
  3. insert the code into your website's HTML code to the place where you want to display entire GCR™ Review Box all your patient reviews will appear!

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