GCR™ International Accreditation Process

Here's a handy guideline to help you understand how the GCR™ International Accreditation process works: 

1. GCR™ Accreditation Proposal, Accreditation fee

  • if our GCR™ Experts agree to start the accreditation process, we'll send you a GCR™ Accreditation Proposal document. Read it through carefully. Once agreed with all the conditions, sign the last page of the document and send us a scanned copy of that page. Upon receiving the scanned page, a detailed invoice will be sent to you to be paid. Afterwards we will move on with the accreditation process

2. Prepare all important documents for the assessment

  • we'll schedule a personal visit of your clinic (unless you decide for an online assessment) in order to further assess the level of your clinic's expertise, facilities and services in person. We'll inform you beforehand about what specific documents we'll be checking

3. GCR™ Accreditation visit

  • a personal accreditation visit will take place in your clinic on the scheduled date you've agreed on earlier. During the visit, a detailed verification of all necessary information will be conducted

4. GCR™ Clinic Profile complete for your clinic

  • we will assist you with updating the most important information in your GCR™ Clinic Profile. This includes all doctors, facilities, services and patient feedback data completed so that a preliminary GCR™ Score can be created

5. GCR™ Score is generated

  • according to the data we have entered in your clinic profile, our very unique GCR™ Algorithm assesses your clinic and assigns it the GCR™ Score. Based on that, your clinic will start ranking in the listing of clinics within your medical type - worldwide and locally as well

6. GCR™ Certificate awarded

  • upon successful accreditation, your clinic will be awarded the "GCR™ Internationally Accredited" certificate during a custom ceremony which will be properly documented for further promotion purposes

7. GCR™ Tools and Services are made available

  • all the benefits of the accreditation are now made available. You are strongly advised to implement all the online and offline tools where necessary, as well as to make use of our services as much as you need / wish. Only this way we can assure that you're making the most of the accreditation and getting the results we promised

8. Promote your GCR™ Accredited Status

  • our marketing department will contact you in order to give you an advice on how best to promote your clinic as "GCR™ Internationally Accredited". We'll be also supporting you as much as we can through our own promotional channels
  • as for the blog post, we'll need a few answers to some fundamental questions + a photo of your clinic team with the GCR™ Certificate. Afterwards, the blog post about the accreditation of your clinic will be created and shared on our social media channels. Your clinic will also be systematically promoted on our social media channels regardless of the blog post itself

9. 24/7 GCR™ Team support of your clinic

  • apart from weekly GCR™ Score updates, regular newsletters and non-stop clinic support, you'll also be invited to webinars and training. We want to make sure that you get the most of the GCR™ Accreditation every day of the year

10. GCR™ Re-Accreditation

  • after 24 months have passed, we reassess all GCR™ Accredited clinics. We keep close track of all accredited clinics, and communicate with them on a monthly basis
  • if your clinic's GCR™ Score has dropped below 3.00 in the course of 24 months since the accreditation, your accreditation will be revoked. We will contact you 1 - 2 months due to the expiration date of your accreditation so that we can check all the data and prepare for the potential re-accreditation process

GCR Accreditation process