GCR™ Virtual Accreditation Assessment

If a clinic decides not to include a personal GCR™ Expert visit as a part of the GCR™ International Accreditation process, a virtual assessment of the clinic needs to be realized in order for GCR.org to make sure that the "GCR™ Expert visit" text is a true representation of clinic's quality & standards and all the clinic's expertise, facilities and services data have been checked with the clinic's owner / manager.

It is recommended to realize the GCR™ Virtual Accreditation Assessment online by scheduling a video call with the competent clinic representative. However, depending on the expected quality of internet connection and the amount of the patients treated on given day, it can also be realized offline by sending us the prerecorded video. In that case, the video footage must be capturing all of these premises:

  1. clinic's reception area and the outside area (an entrance and a parking lot - if owned)
  2. all diagnostic devices in the clinic (scanners, X-rays, ...)
  3. all treatment rooms in the clinic
  4. all recovery / post-treatment area(s)
  5. clinic laboratory

Please note that by no means we wish you to disturb any patients during their treatment or during their recovery phase. It is important to keep this in mind when scheduling the right time for the video call.

If not asked before, please also send us following materials:
  • photos or scanned copies of clinic & doctor accreditations and certifications
  • website links of your partner service providers (e.g. hotel website if a certain hotel provides accommodation for your patients)
  • clinic photos that you would like us to use for an additional promotion of your clinic (including the photo of your clinic's staff with the GCR™ Certificate)