Installing patient outcomes collection on-site of clinic

GCR allows clinics to collect data about treatments from their patients directly on site of the clinic. After filling in simple form about treatment procedure and giving contact information the patient is further followed up and asked about given treatment. See overview of all GCR Patient Treatment Outcomes features.

How to sign up for patient outcomes collection

First you need to have working GCR clinic account for your clinic. You can register for free here: After registration and successful profile verification it's recommended that you fill in all relevant data about your clinic, most importantly section "II. Expertise" where you select treatments you provide. It is also recommended to add names and photos of your doctors to help patients recognize their doctor while filling the form.
Then navigate to Treatment Outcomes on the left menu to subscribe for one of offered packages.

Once you purchase GCR Patient Treatment Outcomes package you can start using your outcomes collection. To start collecting you need to follow  these simple steps:
  1. Choose list of treatments for which you want to collect data.
  2. On site of the clinic set-up electronic device with the outcomes collection form.

1) Choosing list of treatments you want to collect data about

In clinicadmin left sidebar choose "Treatment Outcomes" and navigate to "Install device" in top bar. In section "Manage treatments" then click "Update list", which will navigate you to selection of treatments and sub-treatments.

(info) If you are not seeing option to update list it means you haven't finished your clinic profile. Please go back to filling expertise section to allow updating list.

2) Setting up initial form on site of the clinic

To setup initial form on site of the clinic you need to have electronic device and URL link of outcomes collection sign-up form.
On site of clinic it's recommended to use tablet or similar device which allows patients to easily fill in form. The outcomes collection sign-up form contains list of treatments you provide, so it's recommended to have it opened in portrait mode. If possible, it's also advised to open form in modern web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and to have only one tab with the form opened (preferably in browser full-screen mode).
To get URL link of outcomes collection sign-up form choose from left sidebar "Treatment Outcomes" and then go to "Install device" in top bar. 
On this page you can either copy link or send it to your preferred email address. Optionally you can use your tablet device to scan QR code for quick link opening. You can also rewrite the short URL directly.
Please note that number of devices on which you can have opened form is limited. You can name your devices to recognize them and then manage which devices you have already synced-up.

(info) If you are copying URL link because you are logged in clinicadmin under your GCR account, please make sure you sign out from clinicadmin after opening the form  on the device, otherwise patients may have access to edit your clinic profile if you leave your device unguarded on the site of clinic.